5 in 1

uuhhh...as always..selalu malas sgt nak update blog.today agak rajin nak mengupdate blog walupun agak bz wif assgmnt n project + coming soon ada 3 tests.today nak update 5 in 1 trus.

Date: 20th august 2008
Venue : FEP
Im on duty wif kak ayu n kak fizah 4 the registration counter.no customer on that day.

Banner of the programme

On 27th august yg lepas..international marketing (CCCK 3513) student's organized a program.one of the objective of the prog is to gather foreign n local student so that we can share anything that we want to share.diz program involve 100 students.we charge RM 10 per head 4 the jamuan(buffet).So a week B4 the prog we start selling the ticket.At 1st, its hard to sell the ticket.no one interested to join our prog.after doing post mortem wif the team member we came out wif the strategies.
Kak Ayu n Kak fizah at the registration counter.Lyn interframe in the pix
the tickets

as always..im the one who always curik tulang on duty =P kebetulan..its acc week(ACW). so i went to ACW stall's.Lyn dira n wani jaga that counter.

Lyn,dira n wani wif their gerai team's

nak interframe gak on the pix =p

Date : 22th august 2008

On the morning ada exam at 10.30.After the exam went to workshop..repaired the ekzos 1st.then went to fac.had meeting for the programme.went pusanika for promotion.majority foreign student yg ada kat pusanika da taw pasal that prog n some of them had buy the ticket.its a gud news.then at 4++,kak ayu,hwa n me balik awal..not because we curik tulang.we went to jusco..ordered sushi n buy kuih bulan.after that we went to sg buloh.we stuck in the traffic jam along sg besi then sg buloh.4 hours in the car..mcm nak g ipoh je.da la puasa.bkak puasa in the car wif sushi without air..kesian sungguh.at 9pm br smpai sg buloh n at 12 ++ br selesai sme keje..fuhhh amat memenatkan.its all bcoz my 30 marks..

heavy traffic jam

Date : 23rd august 2008
Venue : the curve

after amek adik kat cyber ria trus balik bukit subang (umah kak uji).abg azril ajang hang around wif their kids.both of us akan lepak wif them sejak ibu ayah g dublin if ada ms terluang.so after kak uji finished the class we went to the curve.main plan nak tgk muvie..the kids nak tgk wall e.tp disebabkan baba diorg x booking the ticket..all the ticket r sold out.yang tinggal front row je.so we decide main bowling je.baby ryn moody coz xdpt tgk wall e.diorg dpt amek pix je..haha.

the kid

blured pix

gold medal for kak uji

baby ryn..

Date : 26th august 2008

venue : klia,kedai mamak n ampang point

went to airport at 2pm.actlly flight abg arriving at 1.56pm..saje dtg lmbt..malas nak tunggu lm sgt.try to call him but cant reach.rupanye simcard maxis tu out of service da.so kne la parking untuk mencrk die.after 15 min cmtu br jumpe.then we went to lim kok wing nak wat suprise kat adik.lastly we all yg kne dpt suprise coz she went to ampang point. abg nak makan kat mamak..so next destination is kedai mamak.we went to mamak at bangi. he ordered roti banjir,teh tarik n bandung soda. he said sungguh nikmat dpt mkn roti banjir.kat dublin xde..huhu.

look at his face..sgt puas hati

i called adik while waiting him.ask her how long i've to wait 4 her.she said just tunggu la..huhhh!!so i decide to go ampang point.dont want wasting the time.so about 40 min cmtu smpai sn.using the smart *1st time*. adik kat mc'd.abg x msk mc'd sm.die wait outside.i wat mke mcm mrh kat adik sgt2 coz she went there without my permission.mke adik mcm takut je but more to x puas hati ngan i.after da bli burger i seat back.then abg duk kat table sebelah.adik still x perasan tu abg.abg called kak long at us *mcm nak mengorat*.adik tgk la mamat mn yg nak mengorat die tu..hensem ke x mamat tu..huhu.she was so shocked.suddenly abg ada depan mata.

ibu ngah called us tanye whut was happened

after chitchat2 abg ckp just anta die kat jln ipoh..his fren will send him to bkt subang.

while waiting abg bobo

owner of the car will come back soon for celebrating hari raya

diz is en bobo *lecturer tuh*

Date : 27th august 2008

Venue : bilik siswazah, FEP

International student gath programme. 1stly i want to xplain what prog it is.x nak ada yg slh fhm lak nnt. diz prog organize by us (student's international marketing CCCK 3513 ). prog ni 1 of the our project. subject ni xde final exam so banyak project yg nk kena wat. obj prog ni tuk gather foreign2 student n local student yg interested tuk tambah kwn. a lot of activities we all rancang untuk prog ni tp x ckup time to do all off that n the most best part dlm prog ni is makan2 time...nyum nyum.

after session makan2..all of them kena masuk hall blk for the activities plak

they enjoyed all the activities.then lastly sesi bergambar lak.banyk sgt gamba ari tu..i juz pick some random pix to post here.